the tail-end of 2021 was when I really got clear on what I wanted my business to be and when I started to think of it as just that... a business...

My Business.

It gives me tingles writing this - hindsight is an incredible thing.



In 2021, everything in my life was changing as I'd just moved back to Cornwall after a relationship breakdown.

I was back in a familiar place but in an unfamiliar time, I hadn't started to reconnect with my history yet and was trying to accept that, after years as a Chiropractor, I just didn't want to be a clinician anymore.

I decided that if I was going to pursue the art career then I had to be back in my beloved Cornwall, the place that has inspired so much of my work and processes, but 4 months in, I realised I was investing more energy into my clinical work than I was my artist work, and finding it really hard to switch direction through the week from one way of thinking to the other.


The Crunch

It was decision time - all in with the art or don't bother. I hadn't moved back here to be a chiropractor, I'd moved back to pursue my lifelong dream of being a full time artist living and working in Cornwall. So do it properly or give up on the dream.


8 months......

I gave notice on my clinic, referred all my patients to other practitioners and set myself a timeline. I had enough in savings to cover my bills until the end of the year so that was my deadline - be earning enough to live off by the end of December or accept that it wasn't viable and seek alternative work. That gave me 8 months, time to gain some traction and a realistic duration to build an income.


Settling Down

That 8 month period was very much helping myself get settled into my new career and sort out my life. The overarching theme of those months was simplify - my schedule, my belongings, my projects, my goals. I had been doing some work around core values and finally identified what truly resonated with me, and from that I was able to start making decisions that filtered out the distractions and allowed me to get focused on my big goals and the action that needed to happen to achieve them.

Who do I help?

  • I thought I needed to be applying for everything, show up in multiple places, make work that was appealing to others.

  • In terms of my creative practice, I thought this meant I had to be in my studio for hours every day even though I didn't really feel like it, that I should be out on location making lots of prep sketches that would be the basis of bigger work, that I should be following what others did because that was the 'right way'.

Once I was finally able to tap into those core values I realised that so much of what I was filling my time with wasn't inspiring, interesting or important to me. It was box ticking, other people's ideas of what I should be doing, pressure to fit the ideal of being an artist. Once I tuned into what I wanted and was drawn to I could allow myself to let go of all that. I gave myself permission to stop doing certain things, following processes that weren't mine and explore what felt authentic and honest to me.


I needed that version of me to give myself permission to be me, to let go of the pressure of expectation from others about my life and to tune into what I wanted. I was able to coach myself into being more about exploring, investigating and experimenting and detaching from specific outcomes or results. I had picked up lots of interesting bits of practice over the years and I was able to bring them together to create my own processes, my own exercises, my own way of seeing and interpreting my subject. When I started to teach these I realised how many people are stuck in the same place as I was and need someone to gently guide and support them through it to find their own unique process.


Every time I teach a class or have a conversation with someone where I can pass on ideas I get such amazing feedback.

Artists love my way of looking at the landscape, they find my exercises so easy and effective that the realisation that it can be quite simple and doesn't need to be overcomplicated transforms their practice. I feel such joy everytime someone tells me how something I've shown them has opened up a whole new way of working for them, or that it's given them the courage to take my ideas and run with them in their own way and make their own discoveries.

I've received so many amazing comments on my teaching style - clear, easy to understand, generous with my sharing, patient, explains things well. And my content - exciting new discoveries, game-changing, so many possibilities, wonderful delivery, perfect amount and level of content, great quality, new and fresh ideas.

This is my business - wow, it feels good to say that!

I love being able to share my ideas with people and see the spark as they get it, then watch them grow in confidence as they allow themselves to explore and experiment.

2023 was the year it all came together. I've tried before to launch a course but the time wasn't right for me, I wasn't far enough in my own career to have the confidence.

The first time I taught the abstracting landscape class online with St Ives School of Painting, a live broadcast to nearly 100 people around the globe, I was absolutely buzzing afterwards.

The comments coming through during the broadcast were amazing and so complimentary, I had follow up DMs from people thanking me, and I had so much fun sharing my knowledge that I knew then it was the right time for me to do this.

I've gone on to teach the abstracting landscape class in various locations and formats during the year to test and refine my ideas.

I had in mind that it would become an online class so it has been amazing to test it with in-person workshops of a diverse group of students over the past 9 months. Doing this throughout the year has kept it current and fresh for me, allowed me to gather feedback and reviews and develop a class that I think will combine all the practised elements with some new material around mindset and values to really elevate this class.


it online

I've created and released one online class that is a specific technique and that has shown me that firstly I CAN create a compelling and engaging self-study course and secondly that people DO want to learn from me. This has given me confidence to put together the new landscape class and also given me time to learn about marketing and best way to run ads on social media (still learning this!).

Excited to join me?

Come and read more about the courses I offer and get involved with this incredible community of artists all driven to experiment and find their unique styles. 2024 is your year, my friend! Come and join us!

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